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Bunny Panels


This 4 by 8 foot panel was created by Sheri using primarily dry brush techniques. Click on any part number to see more detailed view.
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Stencils used are: SayWhat? lettering 104 Tweet Assortment 727 Nest and Eggs 723 Moths, 722 Bugs 728-30 Bunnies
105 Morning Glories 201 Trellis 711 Blossoming Tree 725 Birdbath Fountain 716 Pansies 717 Petunias 719 Sunflower Mix 718 Poppies 715 Barnsley Grass was painted using a sponging technique.


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This mural measures 8ft by 8ft overall, and was painted using our Farmhouse Animals and other related designs.
Click on part number  to bring you to detail of stencil and order information.
In no particular order:

• 806 Rooster
• 807, 808, 810 Hens
• 814 Donkey
• 815 Corn
• 813 Puppies
• 801, 802, 812 Pigs
• 811 Ducks

• 719 Sunflower Mix (next to donkey)
• 507 Clover (to left of white chicken)
• 501 Wild Oats
• 502 Grass

• 713 Window- modified slightly to make the cabinet. The chicken wire was custom cut from our SayWhat? stencil material- please inquire.

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gardenmuralrgb.jpg (32758 bytes)


This mural was done on a 4' x 8' panel with a faux finish used to simulate the wood grain. The grass was done with a sponging technique.
You can click on any highlighted part number to see a detail of the design, along with prices and ordering information.
The stencils used are (top to bottom):

711 Blossoming Tree
512-2 Magpie
528 Hat
534 Cabinet
525 Potted African Violet
527 Hanging Garden Tools
524 Plant Mister
518 Butterfly and Caterpillar (can you find it?)
526 Stacked Pots
510 Spring Vetch
511 Bridgeless Variegated Ivy
512-1 Magpie
523 Fish Pond
Grass and wall texture done using faux techniques.

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